I am evaluating a product of Business Integration Technology (BIT) (, a business-to-business integration suite called Enterprise Messaging Engine (EME).

My initial intent is to understand the BIT EME solution and use as a benchmark versus what we are doing with Oracle Fusion Middleware. Look at the Open Source offering to see how it can complement Oracle Fusion Middleware or supplement in certain areas. The managed file transfer (MFT), a solution of EME that is something we don’t have now and will be looking closer at this component.

A brief on BIT EME:

EME is BIT’s open source based product powered by Mule (from MuleSoft) the open source enterprise service bus. There are two variations: EME Enterprise Edition which is fully supported complete solution, and EME Community Edition which is a complementary offering of Enterprise Edition for architects to evaluate. Current EME-CE version available is 1.0.2

The EME includes these additional features:
Protocol Proxy for a secure Internet point-of-presence, fully integrated with EME and Mule.
Managed File Transfer solution based on Mule/EME and Protocol Proxy.
Message Viewer for visibility to all enterprise messaging.
Business Documents Processor (BDP) to extend messaging to business users.

The architecture of BIT EME-CE:

EME is built on Mule open-source ESB providing integration framework. It leverages Apache Derby Database, Jetty Web Server, and ActiveMQ JMS Server.

Apache Derby is a Java based open source light weight database, Jetty Web Server is Apache's Java based open source HTTP and Servlet container, ActiveMQ JMS Server is Apache's Java based open source JMS server.

Protocol Proxy is a lightweight Apache Tomcat web server to provide the standard protocol services (FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS). It is deployable in the DMZ, securing the connectivity from external trading partners. The Protocol Proxy runs Web and FTP servers. By default web runs on port 80. It can be SSL enabled by configuring SSL for Tomcat. FTP runs on default port 21.

Next: Hands on with BIT EME-CE’s Managed File Transfer Service...

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