SOA Governance Implementation Planning

As part of SOA Governance Solution using the Oracle Governance Suite of products, this is about planning the implementation of Oracle Enterprise Repository.

The Oracle Enterprise Repository is the key component of the Oracle's SOA Governance Suite. Implementing the Repository is the first step in the SOA Governance Solution.

• Define the SOA Governance model and Infrastructure, and review SOA Governance products as part of SOA Governance Solution including Oracle Enterprise Repository, Oracle Service Registry, and SOA Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Oracle Web Services Manager.

• Define Oracle Enterprise Repository (Implementation steps covering assets definition, adopting solution packs, defining stake holders, users and their roles, defining asset lifecycle including asset bootstrapping and asset harvesting.

• Conduct Repository usage sessions as part of user training focusing Users, Registrar and Administrator specific activities.
  • From Users view, look at how to submit an asset, search for an asset, and download and use an asset. View Projects to which the users are associated, asset subscriptions, and how users can submit asset reviews.
  • From Registrar view, look at how to review an asset, and how to approve or reject submitted asset.
  • From Administers view, how to create Roles and Users, how to assign Users to Roles, how to create Projects and customize the Repository for enterprise specific needs.
• Outline integrating Repository with Reporting Server (OBI Publisher), with Active Directory for User Authentication, with JDeveloper for design time integration, and with Service Registry for run time integration.

• Define Reporting requirements and its usage including developing Custom Reports.

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