Integrated SOA Gateway

Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG) is a SOA-based integration infrastructure for E-Business Suite R12 (EBS) with an objective to provide, consume and monitor web services for out of the box integrations in a heterogeneous ecosystem.

ISG is built on top of Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and uses the Oracle Fusion Middleware Adapter for EBS available in OFM SOA Suite 10.1.3.x and 11g.

The components of ISG to achieve the above objective include:
Integration Repository
Integration Service Framework (ISF)
SOA Monitor

Integration Repository
Integration Repository is catalog of all EBS public integration points. Exposes the following integration types as web services:
• Business Events
• XML Gateway
• E Commerce Gateway
• Open Interface Tables/Views
• Concurrent Programs
• Business Service Object
• Composite Services

Integration Repository provides easy steps to search and deploy an integration type as a web service.

For example,
1. Search the Integration Repository and identify the public PL/SQL API that needs to be exposed as a web service.
2. Generate a WSDL for it by pressing the Generate WSDL button and creating a Service.
3. Deploy the Service by pressing Deploy button.
4. Grant the permission controlling the access to this Service.
5. Any industry standard web service client will be able to invoke EBS PL/SQL API as a service.

Service Invocation Framework
The Service Invocation Framework of the Integrated SOA Gateway allows SOAP based web service invocation from an EBS instance

For example,
1. Create and deploy a BPEL process into SOA Suite middle tier (10g or 11g) and identify the BPEL process’s WSDL.
2. Create a Business Event in EBS
3. Create a Subscription of type “Invoke Web Service” and consume the BPEL process’s WSDL in the subscription.
4. The web service can be called passing the parameters, and receive the response parameters back into the calling process.
5. The BPEL process’s WSDL can be replaced with any standard web service’s SOAP WSDL.

SOA Monitor
SOA Monitor is a managing tool to monitor the SOAP request and response traffic with SOA and Web Service Provider.

For example, the Monitor allows to audit web service calls from outside world to the EBS instance where, suppose a PL/SQL API is exposed by the Integrated SOA Gateway. It also shows the actual response XML sent back from EBS to the caller.

Web Services that are exposed within EBS are accessible to clients with two levels of access control: User Authentication and User Authorization.

The client is authenticated against the EBS instance based on the credentials they present as part of the WS-Security Headers.

The client’s authorization to invoke the service is validated within the SOA Gateway with the values Responsibility, Responsibility Application, Security Group, Organization ID, NLS Language, that are present in the SOAP Header of the client request.

The new Integrated SOA Gateway is a SOA based Enterprise Application Integration technology to integrate E-Business Suite instances with external systems over SOA based Web Service protocol.

ISG R12.1 Implementation Guide (E12169-03)
ISR R12.1 User Guide (E12064-03)

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