Oracle Fusion Middleware Adapter for Oracle Applications

Oracle Fusion Middleware Adapter allows Oracle Applications Release 11i and Release 12 to connect to non-Oracle applications over Web Services integration deployed on Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite 10g and 11g.

The Adapter supports various integration types PL/SQL APIs, Business Events, Open Interface Tables and Views, Concurrent Programs, XML Gateway Interfaces, and e-Commerce Gateway Interface. The Adapter leverages the Integration Repository to provide the source for the integration on the Oracle Applications. JDeveloper design time allows for browsing the Oracle Applications interface and configuring the adapter metadata. The interfaces within Oracle Applications are exposed as a Web Service by generating WSDL with J2CA extension.

Adapter connects to Oracle Applications through FND user name and password authentication. Oracle User Management function security feature is used for authorization to access and execute APIs that are exposed as Web services to update Oracle Applications. Application Context is used for secured transaction processing into and out of Oracle Applications.

Integration Design Time: The Oracle JDeveloper BPEL Designer is used to design BPEL-based process flows and Web services orchestration.

Designing the Adapter requires creation of a partner link in JDeveloper BPEL Designer starting the Adapter Configuration Wizard. The wizard allows selecting and configuring the Adapters for Oracle Applications. With proper database and service connection setups, select an interface in or out from Oracle Applications and add the XML schema. When configuration is complete, the wizard generates a WSDL file corresponding to the XML schema for the partner link. Additional process activities are added to the BPEL process orchestration.

Integration Run Time: The WSIF Provider converts the Web service invocation from BPEL PM Invoke activity to an outbound interaction call, and performs the reverse conversion in the other direction as a Web service response for a synchronous request-response message pattern. The WSIF Provider also supports the one-way asynchronous outbound interaction invocation such as integration with XML Gateway outbound message maps and outbound Business Events.

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